Ascent Colleges' Strategic vision 2025

Our vision is to become an academic hub that pursues excellence and builds character a student at a time. Ascent College provides the best academic experience for our students we have strategized our vision to

  1. Build State of the art educational facilities in 3 regions in Ghana.
  2. Attain 100% pass rates
  3. increase student enrollment of over 2000 per year
  4. Increased enrollment of foreign students (over 300 per year)




Our Past students have progressed into many institutions of higher learning and are regularly contributiong thier quota to the development of their society.


In every sphere of life success never comes without hard work.Every good success attained comes from inspiration,determination and perspiration. When we started this great school many where the challenges we faced but we never gave up on the vision.We gave it all and worked hard to turn things around. This spirit is seen in our School Mascot -The Eagle of Ascent. Eagles are always ready to pay the price to greatness. When the storms comes and the winds become boistrous the eagle soars above and defies the odds.we believe every student that walks on the Corridors of Ascent will give it all to come out with flying colours.


Academic failure is not fatal it is to teach you lessons on how to be successful. In every dark cloud there is a silver lining.You can work it out this time. Join Ascent College and meet our team of experienced teachers to help you get over every academic hurdle with ease.Our Remedial programme is designed to help students who failed some of their subjects at the WASSCE exams to better such results. We employ customized tuition to meet the needs of every student especially the weaker ones.One of the strength of our methods is the comprehensive covery of almost every part of the syllabus. We then give our students the requsite inspirational push which we call #ASCENTSPIRATION to believe in themselves and fire on all cylinders towards excellence.
"At Ascent College, the teaching and learning process is well rounded, classes were small, and the teachers very accessible, which suited my learning style"
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Kinsley Owusu Computer Engineering, Enfield,UK
“Great school. I learned a lot about how to learn effectively and improved my grades accordingly.”
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Alistair Asiedu-UK Alistair Asiedu,UK
"Ascent College shows a high level of commitment towards improving students'academic outcomes
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Marilyn Nettey Nurse,GH
"Ascent offers every student maximum attention individually"
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Vera Abianah Old Student
"Ascent is a very interesting and valuable experience".
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Efua Stanley-Pierre Entrepreneur/Musician,GH
"The best place to be.Its an experience worth sharing"
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Efia Kobi University Of Ghana

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