This faculty sees to the day to day running of the school as well as achievement of the daily, monthly and yearly.

This faculty sees to the recruitment of the best tutors to join the schools staff. It also oversees the publicity drive of the school and also the admissions of students into our various programmes.

The academic Head tutor oversees this faculty. It is made up of the tutors and the heads of their faculties who work tirelessly to ensure students succeed. They see to the adherence to the syllabi and motivate all students and tutors to experience the most wonderful academic experience. it also set internal examinations for students.

During their four years of high school, students have many teachers, coaches and role models. However, as school counselors, we are the ones who see the entire picture of a student’s career goals and can bring all the information together to effect good academic counseling.

It has been noted over the years students fear examinations. Fear also hinders academic performances just as discouragement. As counselors, our encouragement plays a critical role in helping students prepare for academics, examinations and life. Our students rely on us to ensure that they are prepared for the academic process. Our goal is to convince students that success is within their grasp.

We ensure students from far places are provided with a warm place of abode so they cannot be hindered in anyway in excelling academically. The School has no hostel but can assist students to identify and move into one within a week.