An unwavering belief in all students’ potential

We believe that every student, whatever their circumstances,
holds the innate potential to achieve their goals and succeed

A passion for excellence

Achieving excellence requires that we all take responsibility for our role in the success of students, colleagues, and the broader organization.
Employees maintain a “no excuses” culture in which we push ourselves
towards developing effective and sustainable solutions.

Respect for others in the community

Ascent respects the communities in which we work and the people who live in them. We are not saviours looking to rescue students from their communities,
nor are we naive to the significant challenges that our communities face.

All stakeholders are critical in the education process

Respecting stakeholders requires active listening and the inclusion of all voices. School leaders regularly engage teachers in decision-making through the creation of professional communities of practice.

We Embrace and Drive Change

We aspire to be drivers of change, and we readily embrace positive change.

We Pursue Growth and Learning

We teach our student using effective methods to attain growth.
We are always looking forward to growing through learning.

We Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication

Communication is the key to every human relationship. At Ascent, we project honesty and openness in all our relations.

We Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

At Ascent the administration, tutors, seniors, juniors are bonded by a family spirit.

We Do More With Less

We value the resources at our disposal, and we try as much as possible to be efficient in its use
to bring top-class education to our students.

Humility is a virtue

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” C.S Lewis